Volume 1, Issue 3 (December 2016)

Original research papers

Radiation Detectors


G. Georgiev, V. Kozhuharov, L. Tsankov

Pages: 183-186

DOI: 10.21175/RadJ.2016.03.034

Received: 1 MAR 2016, Received revised: 28 APR 2016, Accepted: 7 MAY 2016, Published online: 26 DEC 2016

The Positron Annihilation into Dark Matter Experiment (PADME) at LNF-INFN Linac aims to perform a search for dark photons in positron-on-target annihilation process. A key component of the setup is the tracking system which allows vetoing the bremsstrahlung-induced background. Different solutions for the detector will be shown and will be discussed. Attention will be paid to the possibility to construct a hybrid tracker based on plastic scintillator fibers read out by CCD matrices.
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