Volume 2, Issue 1

Short note



Željko Milosavljević, Nikola Krstić, Branislava Mitrović, Mirjana Lazarević Macanović

Pages: 62-64

DOI: 10.21175/RadJ.2017.01.013

Received: 23 FEB 2016, Received revised: 19 MAY 2016, Accepted: 23 MAY 2016, Published online: 20 APR 2017

Studies of X-rays irradiation effects on biological systems are still meaningful and actual. The aim of present work was to examine the effects of pituitary gland irradiation on rats’ growth and development, and the impact of pituitary gland protection during cranial irradiation. During the experiment, rats were divided into three groups. Animals in the first group (control group) were not irradiated. In the second and third groups animals received cranial irradiation with 240 kV X-rays at doses of 27.92 Gy (n=10 per group), applied during 8 sessions, in the period from 8 to 63 days of age. In the second group, rats had the pituitary gland protection in the form of a lead plate set below the projection of the pituitary. Animals in the third group were irradiated without the lead plate protection of the pituitary gland. In second group with protected pituitary gland, no significantly harmful effects of radiation were observed in animals. After the cranial irradiation without pituitary gland protection (third group), animals showed significant retardation of physical growth which was manifested in the reduction of pituitary gland mass as in the body and tibial mass and length.
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