Volume 2, Issue 2

Original research papers



Evgeny Beketov, Elena Isaeva, Egor Malakhov, Nadezhda Nasedkina, Sergey Koryakin, Stepan Ulyanenko, Alex Solovev, Anatoly Lychagin

Pages: 90-93

DOI: 10.21175/RadJ.2017.02.020

Received: 10 FEB 2017, Received revised: 21 APR 2017, Accepted: 22 MAY 2017, Published online: 28 OCT 2017

The study was carried out using the system of accelerators (I-100, U-1.5, U-70). Ultra-precise equipment to position biological objects was applied. The dependency of melanoma B-16 cells survival on the dose of 12C ion irradiation was obtained. The carbon beam was studied within three main ranges: Bragg peak, areas before and after the peak. Dose dependence in the peak and in the area before the peak had a distinct linear pattern. In the distal part of the Bragg peak, linear-quadratic dependence was observed. Carbon ions RBE were 4.5, 1.7 and 2.4 for the peak, the areas before and after the peak, respectively.
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