Volume 1, Issue 1 (April 2016)

Original research papers



Gordana Pantelić, Péter Vancsura, Jelena Krneta Nikolić, Marija Janković, Nataša Sarap, Dragana Todorović, Milica Rajačić

Pages: 36-39

DOI: 10.21175/RadJ.2016.01.07

Received: 28 MAR 2015, Received revised: 22 MAY 2015, Accepted: 24 MAY 2015, Published Online: 28 APR 2016

The results of an intercomparison exercise, designed for the determination of anthropogenic and natural radionuclides in sediment and fish samples from the Danube River, are reported. The methods of gross beta and gamma spectrometry measurements were compared. Considering the uncertainties of measurements, a good agreement between the results obtained by two laboratories has been ascertained.
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