Volume 2, Issue 2

Short note

Radiation Measurements


Maria Sahagia, Aurelian Luca, Andrei Antohe, Mihail-Razvan Ioan

Pages: 142-144

DOI: 10.21175/RadJ.2017.02.030

Received: 20 FEB 2017, Received revised: 3 MAY 2017, Accepted: 5 JUL 2017, Published online: 28 OCT 2017

The absolute standardization of radionuclides is complex in the case of mixtures, such as is the case with the existence of radioactive impurities. The difficulty is still amplified in the case of radionuclides with very different emissions of gamma-rays, both as energy and intensity. One example is Co-57, which can contain impurities of isotopes Co-56 and Co-58. Even low contents of such impurities can influence in a significant way the final result as well as the activity of the measured radioactive source. In the present paper, an example of treatment of this mixture within the participation in the supplementary comparison code CCRI(II)-S6.Co-57, organized by the IAEA, within the Coordinated Research Project, CRP E.2.10.05 and in the key comparison code BIPM(II)-K1.Co-57, where the influence of impurities was underlined, will be presented.
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