Volume 3, Issue 2

Original research papers

Radiation Detectors


D. Hits et al.

Pages: 123-127

DOI: 10.21175/RadJ.2018.02.020

Received: 15 JUN 2018, Received revised: 10 OCT 2018, Accepted: 26 OCT 2018, Published online: 27 DEC 2018

The radiation tolerance of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond against different particle species and energies has been studied in beam tests and is presented. We also present beam test results on signal size as a function of incident particle rate in charged particle detectors based on un-irradiated and irradiated poly-crystalline CVD diamond over a range of particle fluxes from 2 kHz/cm2 to 20 MHz/cm2. The pulse height of the sensors was measured using readout electronics with a peaking time of 6 ns. In addition, the functionality of poly-crystalline CVD diamond 3D devices is demonstrated in beam tests and 3D diamond detectors are shown to be a promising technology for applications in future high rate/high intensity experiments.

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